School Visits - Tuesday 17th September


This year nine school's have been selected as part of the school visit programme on Tuesday 17th September from 0930-1200hours.  These are as follows:


Option 1:

Addington Te Kura Taumatua - Contributing Primary Schook Years 1-6
We are a growing, culturally diverse, city school with a big heart in the centre of its community. We have our Conductive Education Unit, inclusive playground, a passion for the performing arts, an increasing number of ESOL students and this year we are piloting our first bilingual class. We see challenges as opportunities and we choose kindness every day, knowing from experience it can heal some of life’s big hurts. 

Cashmere Primary Te Pae Kererū - Full Primary School Years 1-8
Cashmere Primary Te Pae Kererū is a caring, inclusive, and collaborative learning community. Our school curriculum is guided by our values of bravery, kindness, respect, and connection, with a strong focus on student progress, achievement, and wellbeing. The school is committed to continual improvement through implementing evidence-based practice in our collaborative learning spaces. 


Option 2:

Te Maire St Francis of Assisi Catholic School - Full Primary School Years 1-8
We are a relatively new Catholic full primary school in East Christchurch, we have been open for eight years. We are a merge of two schools that were extensively damaged in the Christchurch earthquake in 2011. We belong to the Manaiakalani Network of schools and our teaching and learning revolves around the kaupapa of Learn, Create, Share. We use the affordances of Digital technology to amplify learning and accelerate achievement. We have been teaching Reading using a Structured Literacy approach for four years and we are seeing great results with this.

Mairehau Primary School - Full Primary School Years 1-8
Mairehau Primary School is a full primary school - 5 to 13 year olds - with just under 400 children. Our tamariki/children are 'real' and reflective of our community, coming with a wide variety of needs from 34 nationalities. Our rebuild programme was completed in 2022 with 16 new collaborative learning spaces and refurbishment of the remaining 6 single cell spaces so now the whole school is able to reflect the collaborative teaching operating successfully across the school.  


Option 3:

Marian College - Catholic Secondary School Years 9-13
As a result of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011, Marian College was badly damaged, and it was not possible to return to the original site.  After 13 years in temporary sites, we moved into our new school in late November 2023. The College is unique in the Southern Hemisphere, as it is built completely within the framework of a commercial warehouse.  The koha from touring visitors, will be used to assist with the landscaping of the grounds of our new school.

Christ The King School - Catholic Full Primary School Years 1-8
We pride ourselves on providing a traditional yet personalised learning environment where we highly value the relationship between teacher and student. As a Catholic school, we integrate modern learning practices while maintaining a focus on academic excellence and faith formation. In 2024, we are implementing the iDeal Structured Literacy Approach and Dr Ian Hunter's Writers Toolbox to enrich our literacy approaches, ensuring each student receives comprehensive and innovative education tailored to their individual needs.


Option 4:

Pitau-Allenvale School - Special School
Pītau-Allenvale School caters for 135 neurodivergent students aged from 5-21. Students may attend a base school, satellite classes that are hosted in a mainstream school, or a transition hub that prepares them for life beyond school. Pītau-Uru is a satellite that has students from 5-13 in a campus combined with a Primary School and an Intermediate School. Students are supported in their learning by high staff ratios, and by a team of therapists. Students are given skills to regulate so they can access a modified curriculum. Strong and holistic whānau support is given by and through the school. 

Tuia-Burnside Primary School - Contributing Primary School Years 1-6

Working in our new flexible environments Tuia Burnside Primary School is a school of diversity with a wide cultural and socio-economic mix. We are unique in many ways including being the only kura in Te Waipounamu/South Island to have a French immersion programme, in addition to having a special needs satellite class on site. We have an amazing group of kaiako/staff offering a diverse learning programme with a specific focus on the development of oral language, structured literacy and science (we even have our own butterfly habitat!).

Wairarapa Cobham Intermediate School - Intermediate School Years 7-8
Wairarapa Cobham Intermediate has just completed a transformative rebuild, creating a dynamic and innovative learning environment.  Classrooms seamlessly blend the best of both worlds, offering a thoughtful mix of single-cell spaces for focused learning and open-plan areas that encourage collaboration. The school and the design team have managed to create a classic school look, whilst at the same time honouring the cultural narrative gifted to the school. Come and see one the newest campuses in the country. 



Coaches will depart Te Pae Convention centre on Tuesday 17th September from 0930hours and return around 12noon.  Further details will be made available soon.